Other Canadian Expat Groups


Connect2Canada is a network for friends of Canada in the United States. Over 50,000 people have joined "Canada's network in the United States" since our launch on July 1, 2005. Members can receive updates on a variety of issues, from cross-border business success stories to local Canadian cultural events.

Canadians Abroad

Based in Los Angeles, Canadians Abroad is a non-profit, volunteer, social networking organization serving Canadians living in Southern California.

Québécois à Los Angeles

This website is used as a tool to promote French Canadian culture and in particular, that of Québec. We organize several cultural activities during the year to which EVERYONE is invited.

Canadian Expat Network

The Canadian Expat Network (CEN) is the leading Canadian expat site for Canadians living abroad. CEN also provides bi-weekly e-newsletters, regular stories of interest, expat webinars, calendar of events, list of Canadian Expat Groups, forum, CDN News feeds, twitter feeds and the Annual Canada Day Expat Giveaway.

Canadian Expat Association

The Canadian Expat Association is a Non-Government community linking all Canadians living abroad under one bilingual platform. At nearly 9% of the total population of Canada, the estimated 2.8 million Canadians living abroad can connect regardless of where they are living in the world.

Canadians in San Diego

Canadians in San Diego unite!

Whether by green card, by visa, by dual citizenship, etc., you are a Canadian or have ties to Canada, and live in San Diego, California.

Let's celebrate our heritage by getting together socially, having fun, and sharing laughs. Connect with the Canadian community around you. Oh Canada!

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