Cardinal Point Wealth Management

Cross-Border Financial Planning and Investment Management Oversight.

Our advantage 

Cardinal Point is a boutique wealth management firm that has offices in the U.S. and Canada. Our cross-border platform provides comprehensive investment management, tax and financial planning. We are held to the fiduciary standard, which is the highest standard of care. Put simply, we act as client advocates and must do what is in their best interest. Our platform offers the unique and value-added benefit of an integrated cross-border approach. Our advisors have the experience, knowledge and service standards that clients require. 

Our services 

  • Management of Canadian and U.S. investment accounts
  • Cross-border financial, tax and estate planning
  • Retirement planning and advice on retirement benefits such as CPP, OAS, Social Security and Medicare
  • Assistance with cross-border tax filings, foreign-based account disclosures (FBAR, FATCA) and navigating the U.S.-Canada Tax Treaty
  • Assistance on cross-border account and asset transfers
  • Canadian and U.S. stock option, RSU and company bonus plan advice
  • Guidance on cross-border real estate and businesses
  • Health, life, disability, long-term care, business and property insurance review

Cross-border Resource & Contact

Visit this website dedicated to educating Canadians living in California:

Contact John McCord with any questions: or (949) 910-8354