NEXUS Mobile Enrollment in LA

Deadline to apply is August 17th, so you'll need to act quickly!

We have been provided the opportunity to make our Canadians in Orange County audience aware, that a joint Canada-US team will be holding interviews for membership to the NEXUS program at the Chancery in downtown LA in mid-September. 
Please read very carefully all the information provided in the attached PDF (English or French). There are a number of steps to go through before you will be able to register for the sessions. But, once the process is completed, the benefits of NEXUS, Global Entry and TSA-Pre Check will all become available to you as members. You would normally have to travel to Canada to do these interviews, but we are fortunate that the excellent cooperation between our border agencies allows us to bring these sessions to you directly here in California. 
We hope to get a great response to this wonderful initiative which continues to show the close ties that Canada & the USA share. Space is limited! 

Tim Notte3 Comments