No Need for Skates


As one of what is probably few Canadians who never learned to skate growing up, and never played hockey, I’m excited to have found a local outdoor league with no ice in sight. Whether you know it as floor, ball, road, or street hockey, the familiar orange ball will surely bring back fond memories of school gyms and floppy plastic sticks, neighbourhood pick-up games, and calls of Car! After seven years playing at the rink in Garden Grove, I’ve found my calling as a small but irritating left defensemen, stopping men much larger than me at the blue line. I’ve benefited from the experience and wisdom of teammates and opponents who have taken time to coach me up, and help develop my skills, though a decent slapshot still eludes me.


It’s time to embrace our national winter sport, conveniently offered all year in sunny Orange County, and without the need to skate. Our team, the Honey Badgers, is looking for new players and would welcome people with any experience level; we play hard and like to win, but everyone is there to have fun.

Some league details:

  • The league is co-ed and women are welcome! While there is contact, checking is not permitted and safety equipment (shin guards, gloves, and glasses) is required (links.) Everyone has to go to work on Monday, and we’d prefer to do it in one piece.

  • The season is 9 games (12 if we go to the final) scheduled on Sundays with an occasional Saturday game.

  • The cost for the season is $100, or $150 including both home and away Honey Badgers shirts. League fees must be paid prior to the beginning of the first game, and any surplus funds at the end of the season will be refunded to players or put towards their fees for next season.

  • The league provides referees and facilities (an enclosed outdoor rink with benches, boards, and a penalty box). We play here in Garden Grove, conveniently off the 22 and parking is ample and free.

If you’re interested in joining the team contact Kris van Witsen to inquire. If we get a lot of interest we’ll create another team as the league is always looking to expand.

A special shout out to all the goalies out there: the league is in need of netminders both as permanent team members, and to sub, so please let us know if this is your preferred position.

Ball hockey is a great way to get out for some exercise and socialize with fellow Canadians and their hockey-loving American brothers and sisters. I don’t know about you, but I always run a little faster when someone’s chasing me with a stick.


Kris van WitsenComment