What people have had to say about our organization and events...

Great group of people ... we look forward to participating in more events in the future.
— Rahoul G.
Good game and good to visit with fellow Canadians... appreciated the efforts put forth by those who made it happen... Thanks, Don and Shirley
— Shirley W.
Canadians in Orange County is such an awesome group!
— Sue C.
First event I’ve been able to attend - wonderful location, great people, fun conversation. Will definitely be at the next one if I’m in town.
— Rob J.
Great org! Fun to meet other Canadians.
— Phil G.
Fantastic event. Delicious cheeses matched with very tasty beers. “Vin Goat” did a great job and congratulations to the organizers for arranging this event. Will definitely go back to the store in the future.
— Gabriele M.
Great to see a lot of new faces. This group is really growing. :-)
— Laurie M.
Wonderful organization, this superb evening is proof of it.
— Josee
Great group. We are looking forward to the next event.
— George T.
Canadians in Orange County is a diverse and welcoming group. The Meetups have been well organized and fun.
— John M.
It was wonderful meeting fellow Canadians. The Fairmont was a perfect venue. Thanks so much, Rob. Looking forward to more get togethers!
— Lorraine
I wish I had known this group existed before now...long overdue. I hope there are many more opportunities to meet with fellow Canucks.
— Sue
Canadians in Orange County are a great group of people and we’re looking forward to attending events with this group in the future.
— Mary N.
This was my first event and for sure not my last. Thanks to Rob, David, Hank, Stephen and Tony for doing such an excellent job in putting together this fun event. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the group increasing to over 500 members within a year or so.
— Rick H.
I like all Canadians, but it was a treat to meet the ones who have decided to call Orange County home. Oh, and The Meetup Group seems to be extremely well organized and I look forward to the next event.
— Bonnie T.
I love it! Wish we had it when we first moved here, a great group of warm friendly people that I’m looking forward to getting to know better!
— Kimberly O.
What a great group of supportive people! Thank you so very much to the organizers of this event.
— Pamela C.
Its what we all make of it. Judging by everyone’s enthusiasm to connect together and support each other, we have a very bright future!
— Stephen A.