There’s an untouched corner of Canada where Whistler Glacial Water was millions of years in the making. The high peaks of British Columbia’s Coastal Mountains are home to ancient glaciers. Here, time and pressure turn snow to ice, and ice eventually becomes water. As meltwater seeps through the mountains’ compact granite, any impurities are filtered out, while minerals from the bedrock take their place. Eventually it arrives at our protected underground aquifer, where we find it perfectly pure with our unique low mineral composition.


As fellow Canadians, our friends at Whistler Water would really appreciate it if we would go out to our local Gelson’s market and buy their water. The premium water industry is highly competitive, and maintaining shelf space depends on consumers buying their water. Of course, when you are buying the water, have the cashier tell the manager that Canadians in Orange County suggested you come in.

If you want to help even more, and you know someone who might influence the buying decision for water, please visit this link to download a pdf you can share with them.


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